Salute America

Once there was a time when freedom wasn’t free
and a yearning to be all that we could be
A few brave souls goin’ against the grain knowin’
they just had to – had to find a way

V2 A crises time has come in the twinkling of an eye
and while meaningless to some others give their lives
to a war stained people needing us and with open arms
we help and never do give up

Chorus: Stand proud stand tall (Salute America)
for the weak be strong (Salute America) and be grateful for the
ones who died for me and for you Salute America
the Red White and Blue

V3 There have been voices throughout history
cryin out for change in order to be free
to stand together all for one and one for all reaching out to
give you a hand to

Interlude: Red, White, and Blue that’s me and you reaching out to
give you a hand to Repeat Chorus:
© Netcom Music BMI

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